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Oh, my dear sweet neglected blog, how could I have left you so. I promise to spend more time with you in 2013.

Peacock Doily Study 1, 2011, acrylic on canvas, 6 x 6 inches

Peacock Doily Study 1, 2011, acrylic on canvas, 6 x 6 inches


To wish you a happy Valentine’s Day here is something a little bit different, one of my own doily creations.

A Piece That was Torn from the Morning, (detail) 2012
11 x 7. 5 inch paper (7.5 x 6.5 printed area)
acrylic on paper

The title is taken from one of my favourite lines from one of my favourite songs, Take this Waltz by Leonard Cohen. Just as l like my doilies to be beautiful with a hint of wear, Cohen’s poetic love song is hauntingly beautiful with a side of darkness and just a touch of something lost.

That may not sound overly romantic for Valentine’s but it is perhaps more realistic.


May your day be filled appreciating the real love that’s in your life year round.

Hello Laura Splan! You are an artist after my own heart. Doilies made visceral. Still beautiful but drawn with blood. Yes, yet anther example of artworks I wish I had thought of.

My work explores perceptions of beauty and horror, comfort and discomfort. I use anatomical and medical imagery as a point of departure to explore these dualities and our ambivalence towards the human body. Viruses, blood, x-rays of bones and viscera can be at once unsettling and enticing. I often combine scientific images and materials with more domestic or familiar ones.

Laura Splan : Statement.

Sometimes I stumble across things or people I’d forgotten about. Last year I came across an announcement for a show of Charles Campbell’s work at Polychrome Fine Art in Victoria and thought “that sounds interesting” then fairly promptly forgot about it. Then the other day I was puttering around the internet as I’m prone to do and there was his work. Next time I come across a press release for a local show of his I’ll make sure not to forget. I’d love to see these in person.

Actor boy III, 2009, oil on paper and canvas, 48 x 48 inches

Actor Boy IV, 2009, oil paper canvas, 48×48

Bagasse Cycle (Middle Passage), 2009, oil, paper, canvas, 144 x 144 inches


I like my doilies a little dirty, gritty and unexpected. Can you imagine how excited I was to come across Polish urban artist NeSpoon’s work on Treehugger? NeSpoon’s spray-painted graffiti doilies, which appear to jut from their surfaces, are beautiful, elegant and feminine which is offset and enhanced by the crumbling and graffiti layered walls they’re painted on. If you were to ask me I’d have to say they are the perfect use of doily imagery.

The two images above are from this crazy abandoned monastery in Grottaglie Italy. See NeSpoon’s post to see more images of some of the art that adorns its walls. I would love to spend an afternoon or three wondering the rooms.

You can expect to see more posts from me about NeSpoon’s work. In the meantime check out her great blog here and more images of her work here.

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