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To wish you a happy Valentine’s Day here is something a little bit different, one of my own doily creations.

A Piece That was Torn from the Morning, (detail) 2012
11 x 7. 5 inch paper (7.5 x 6.5 printed area)
acrylic on paper

The title is taken from one of my favourite lines from one of my favourite songs, Take this Waltz by Leonard Cohen. Just as l like my doilies to be beautiful with a hint of wear, Cohen’s poetic love song is hauntingly beautiful with a side of darkness and just a touch of something lost.

That may not sound overly romantic for Valentine’s but it is perhaps more realistic.


May your day be filled appreciating the real love that’s in your life year round.


I was flipping through the June 2011 issue of Vanity Fair when I lost my breath and fell in love.

 I want this dress.
I want this dress in my closset with the framed photograph by Annie Leibovitz hanging next to it.
I want every sketch Jean Paul Gautier drew of every version of this dress.
I want to marry this dress while dressed in a white version of this dress.
I love this dress.

The rest of the outfits that Katy Perry wore in the photo shoot are visible here or in the current issue of Vanity Fair.

This blog is launching in May 2011

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