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To wish you a happy Valentine’s Day here is something a little bit different, one of my own doily creations.

A Piece That was Torn from the Morning, (detail) 2012
11 x 7. 5 inch paper (7.5 x 6.5 printed area)
acrylic on paper

The title is taken from one of my favourite lines from one of my favourite songs, Take this Waltz by Leonard Cohen. Just as l like my doilies to be beautiful with a hint of wear, Cohen’s poetic love song is hauntingly beautiful with a side of darkness and just a touch of something lost.

That may not sound overly romantic for Valentine’s but it is perhaps more realistic.


May your day be filled appreciating the real love that’s in your life year round.


Now that your tree is all dressed up, there’s a fantastic doily decorated wreath on the door, and the house is a glow with festive garlands all that’s left to do is wrap the presents. Guess what? Doilies come in handy here too. And all of these are supper easy to do, there is even a pdf download of doily gift wrap to make life even simpler.

Download PDF from Daily Suze

Not all of these are Christmas inspired gift wraps. Try mixing in some bold holiday colours to spruce them up, ribbon, lace even a sprig of two of holly or a little branch off your Christmas tree. (If you are anything like me a few always fall off when setting up and trying to straighten the tree.)  A personalized decoration can give that pop of colour and is a nice alternative to store-bought gift tags, just make sure you use balls that are large enough to write both their name and yours.

This image come from a great post on choosing Christmas colour schemes, which I’m a big fan of. This year I’m a little all over the place but focusing on blue and green mixed with silver and just a splash of gold and red. Other years have been traditional with red, green and gold, then there was green and purple, blue and silver was a good year. In my attempt to save money this year is somewhat of a greatest hits. Colour schemes are awesome and not just for the holidays. But I digress.

If you adorned your home, tree or gifts with doilies, lace or any other crafty inventions I’d love to see how they turned out. Snap a couple of pictures and send them to jahdoily(at) or post them on our Facebook page.

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas, Hanukkah and lets not forget Festivus is today.

Well, it is the week before Christmas and all through my house not a decoration is showing not even a tree.  But not to worry, I’ll get to it. I’m not goring to miss our on the Christmas cheer, the soft smell of slowly dying pine trees. The way the needles scatter across my carpet. The cat trying to eat the Christmas light cords. Presents wrapped in colour scheme appropriate paper. The kitchen a mess of flour and confectioners sugar from the umpteenth batch of last-minute cookies. I love all that. I also love leaving things to the last possible minute. It makes life more exciting.

With all that in mind, here is a lovely assortment of decorations I wish I had made a head of time. Maybe I’ll get started now for next year.

Once again, when possible I have linked the images to where I found them online, and most of them come with instructions. Happy tree decorating!

The second instalment of holiday decoration ideas – wreaths! I haven’t had a wreath since …oh, I don’t think I ever have had one. Hopefully one of these will inspire me to adorn my door this year.

doily christmas wreath
(view instructions for the above wreath here on Design Evolution)

With the holidays upon us I’ve been thinking a lot about decorations.  From now till Christmas I will be posting some of my online favorite finds. I’ll do my darndest to give you links to instructions whenever I can. (Sorry, not all of these come with instructions but they look easy to duplicate.)

Garlands! Possibly the easiest way to make a regular old room into a festive retreat. Here are a few gems I’m thinking of testing out. Making your home more festive doesn’t need to be time-consuming or costly. A trip to the dollar store and a strand of lights are all you need.

Try mixing in metallic or coloured doilies to make your garland more lively or to match your holiday colour scheme. What, you don’t have a colour scheme? Let me tell you, it’s a handy thing to have.

Happy Halloween! Here are some goodies for you as you Trick-or-Treat your way around the internet. To find out more about their creators click on the images.

     Needle Felted Heart

Lets not forget the treats, after all it’s not Halloween without a big pile of candy.

Félix González-Torres, “Portrait of Ross”

For some spooky Halloween textile art check out my post here.

Have a happy Halloween!

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