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Hello Laura Splan! You are an artist after my own heart. Doilies made visceral. Still beautiful but drawn with blood. Yes, yet anther example of artworks I wish I had thought of.

My work explores perceptions of beauty and horror, comfort and discomfort. I use anatomical and medical imagery as a point of departure to explore these dualities and our ambivalence towards the human body. Viruses, blood, x-rays of bones and viscera can be at once unsettling and enticing. I often combine scientific images and materials with more domestic or familiar ones.

Laura Splan : Statement.


An artist after my own heart! Anna Peach‘s Spirit House installation is the type of work I dream of making. All those beautiful doilies lovingly stitched together, how I wish I had the time, patience and enough doilies to make a dress like this!

In honour of Canada Day I wanted to post some Canadiana, then I thought no, I’ll post some campy Canadian quilts, then I realized what I needed some Coupland. Douglas Coupland is one of my favorite local artists; not only do I find his projects fascinating and humours, but when it comes to pointing out campy Canadiana he’s the best! So in honor of Canada Day I give you a sampling of a Canadian renaissance man.

White House (installation)

Canada House (installation)

The Canada Pictures

Generation X (made from his book by the same title)

Corporate Safety Blankets

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